Getting Started

first steps

The first step is to schedule a free, brief consultation call through my client portal. If you prefer, you can instead contact me directly to ask questions, schedule a call, or schedule a first appointment.

During a consultation call, I’ll ask you what is bringing you into therapy (in general terms), answer any questions you have, and discuss things like scheduling and fees.

consultation call / First session Preparation

There’s nothing you need to prepare. It’s my job is to guide you through our consultation call and first session as much as needed.

Fees & Insurance

session cost

My fee is $200 per session.

Sliding scale

My slide scale (i.e., reduced fee) spots are all full at the moment.


You can pay at the end of each session by cash, check, credit card, or Health Savings Account.


I don’t accept insurance for two reasons. First, I believe that you and I should decide on the course of your therapy, its length, and the types of interventions we engage in — not an insurance company.

The second reason is that insurance companies impose an unrealistic amount of paperwork on therapists in exchange for a very low payment. I do my best work when I spend my days providing therapy to a reasonable number of clients, not burning myself out and providing you with substandard treatment.

OUt-of-network insurance

At the start of each month, you can use my client portal to obtain a receipt (also called a “superbill”) for the previous month’s payments. You can submit your receipt/superbill to your insurance company for reimbursement if you have out-of-network mental health coverage.

To learn more about what your insurance company will and will not cover, give your insurance company a call, let the customer service rep know you are interested in learning about your “out-of-network mental health benefits,” and ask:

  • What is my deductible? (In other words, how much will you be required to pay before they begin to reimburse you?)

  • What percentage of therapy fees will they cover?

  • Are there any limits on coverage, such as number of sessions per year?

  • What are the steps involved in submitting a receipt/superbill for reimbursement?

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll be happy to help with as much of this process as possible.


Session length

Sessions are 45 minutes long.

Session Frequency

Generally, I begin seeing clients once a week. For some people, meeting twice a week or more is appropriate because of their level of distress or difficulty functioning.

I only see clients less frequently than once a week if they have been in treatment for a while, accomplished their main goals, and are now moving into more of a maintenance phase.

cancellation policy

I ask for 48-hours cancellation notice, otherwise you are responsible for the cost of your session.

There is no charge if you cancel with less than 48-hours notice and we are able to reschedule your session for the same week.

Please note that insurance companies generally will not reimburse you for missed session fees.

Evening / Weekend Hours

Reach out to learn about my current availability.

I see clients several evenings a week, although those times tend to fill up quickly. I’m not available during weekends.




My address is 3306 Glendale Blvd, Suite 7, Los Angeles, CA 90039.

I’m located in Atwater Village, easily accessible from the nearby 2 and 5 freeways, as well as neighborhoods such as Glendale, Los Feliz, Highland Park, Echo Park, Adams Square, and Eagle Rock.


There is typically plenty of street parking on Glendale Blvd and surrounding side streets. You can park in the lot behind the building if your appointment is at 5pm or later.

Where To go

Please use the second external staircase toward the back of the building. Enter the waiting room and flip on the call switch next to my name. You can have a seat, and I’ll come out at your appointment time.