Fees & Insurance

Session Cost

My fee is $200 per session.

Sliding Scale

Providing therapy to people in need is important, and I reserve a number of appointments each week for those with limited financial resources

If you can not afford my full fee, determine what would fit your budget (assuming we met on a weekly basis) and we can discuss this during a consultation call.


You can pay at the end of each session by cash, check, credit card, or Health Savings Account.


I don’t accept insurance because insurance companies impose an unrealistic amount of bureaucratic work on therapists in exchange for very low payments.

I focus on providing high quality treatment rather than burning out from administrative work and conducting substandard therapy.

Out-of-Network Insurance

At the start of each month, you can use my client portal to obtain a receipt (also called a “superbill”) for the previous month’s payments. You can submit your receipt/superbill to your insurance company for reimbursement if you have out-of-network mental health coverage.

To learn more about what your insurance company will and will not cover, give your insurance company a call, let the customer service rep know you are interested in learning about your “out-of-network mental health benefits,” and ask:

  • What is my deductible? (In other words, how much will you be required to pay before they begin to reimburse you?)

  • What percentage of therapy fees will they cover?

  • Are there any limits on coverage, such as number of sessions per year?

  • What are the steps involved in submitting a receipt/superbill for reimbursement?

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll be happy to help with as much of this process as possible.