Rediscover Yourself


What Is Therapy Like?

Sometimes it can feel as if we have a tangled knot of thoughts and feelings trapped inside our minds. I see the purpose of therapy as taking that tangled knot, smoothing it out, and holding it up to the light to gain clarity and peace.

My style is collaborative, and I share with you my understanding of your unique psychological processes to deepen your understanding of who you are and what you need out of life.

As appropriate, I may also suggest particular interventions or coping skills informed by:

  • Psychodynamic psychotherapy

  • Dialectical behavior therapy

  • The Trauma Resiliency Model

  • Solution focused psychotherapy

  • Cognitive behavior therapy

  • Mindfulness practices

Therapy Has Many Purposes

Therapy can be useful for overcoming a specific issue. If you’re not quite sure what the problem is, together we can clarify the underlying issues making you unhappy.

Even if there isn’t a specific issue bringing you in, therapy can help you reconnect with yourself on a regular basis. It is a space for you to put your phone aside, take a breath, and turn inward.

No matter what is bringing you in, ultimately our goal is to help you live a life that matches your hopes and values.

Therapy Isn’t Any Old Conversation

I bring to each session an in-depth understanding of therapeutic process, theory, and research.

I use my knowledge to help you to better understand the origins of your thoughts and feelings, support you in becoming increasingly accepting of who you are and what you need out of life, and help you to make concrete choices to get you where you need to be.